Monday, March 14, 2005

Why Does He Even Wear Question Marks?

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OK, so the guy looks like and asshole and the commercial I saw last night had him posing outside the White House with his buddy who was dressed up as a computer with arms and legs. But get this, he was born with a name. What is even weirder is that his name is Matthew Lesko, and he has been a political renegade and jammer for the last fifteen years. Before he ever launched his new “?” fashion line, the WaPo in 1992 reported on a crazy guy who sent 14 jars of chicken innards to Senators who supported a Bush tax cut. In ’93 he released a collection of public documents that revealed Ross Perot’s company had forced Jewish employees to shave. In 96’ the guy released research that discovered that 50% more Republicans cheat their taxes than Democrats. Now, in between infomercials and cocaine, Lesko can be found lecturing Iraq War vets on how to save a few bucks. But Lesko’s antics and overt objections to the current administration’s tax histories have found him in hot water across the country. Last month The New York State Consumer Protection Board accused his books of being fraudulent amidst new releases from the Question on the bankruptcy overhaul bill that recently passed in Congress. Think what you want about Lesko but don’t think too much about him because he is fucking crazy.


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