Monday, March 21, 2005

New-er Ways to Make Love to Your I-Pod

UPDATE: Whether you read the post below or not do not concern yourself for it has been proven obsolete via Sloan. Technology now mixes with media democracy resulting in you (the consumer) getting access to any sweet tunes you want to listen to during your spinning class. The techno-socialists at Learning the Lessons of Nixon offer a simple and heady video about the newest revolution in stealing music: Podcasting. Learn the word and watch the video I think this is going to be big. REVIEW COMING SOON

From the good people at Mod Gods comes a genuinely cool new application for I-Pod owners/losers. These techno-geeks prove that necessity is the mother of invention as we have long yearned for a way to directly gain access to our friends and lovers I-Pods. Althought the process is far too complicated for my own comprehension I advise those with the technical savvy (nerds) to bare your souls and open up to one another with P2P MP3 sharing - the only downfall of course is that you actually have to see and smell the social recluse you are cohorting to steal music with unlike the comfortable anonymity of LimeWire.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please post more pictures of connected I-pods. I prefer some interracial action, so if you can hook the U2 special edition I-pod up to a classic white one, that would be great. Also, make sure to post the money shot where the display screen says the transfer is complete. thanks in advance.

3:53 AM  
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