Monday, May 02, 2005

Secret Nocturnal Transmission from Work

Why is it after a weekend of fun and games, I find myself apologizing to my brilliant and humble audience about not posting enough? This is one of those carefully-crafted apologies dedicated to those who click and lament over no new posts.

Thanks for asking. Yeah, Jazzfest was great. I will write a post about. I find concerts of the “jam” variety to be nirvana for people-watchers. These people (read: dirty smelly neo-hippies) — not to judge — are hilariously clueless at what their culture stands for and they also eat mud and dirt. I still cannot fathom the rationale of these parents who dragged their unwilling children through this swell of humanity and exposed them to an endless amount of queries that they are unable to properly address, like: “Daddy, what is that powder on that guy’s upper-lip,” and, “Mommy, how come that long-hair has so many balloons? Is he having a birthday party?” More to come. Lots more.


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