Wednesday, May 04, 2005

News for People Who Kind of Like It

My love/hate relationship with TV had me sleeping on the couch last night. I can't help it. How can you pass up Blind Date followed by Cheater followed by Elimidate? I know, you can't. Here's a new show I am excited about that is a little more heady than Suffolk skanks giving into to Joey's "prove to me you really want to win" line.

The Daily Show's Stephen Colbert is getting his own program supposedly titled the Colbert Report. The show will probably follow the Daily Show to form an hour-long fake news block. Colbert's program will be a spoof on pundit shows like O'Reilly while actually being more informative than his sex-fiend counterpart. Colbert has some funny quotes in this NYT article on the proposed venture.

Of John Stewart, Colbert says: "His shadow is dark enough, I don't want to ask the source of darkness for help. I'm not interested in that same liberal claptrap. That meow, meow, meow, ironic detachment."

Colbert on investigative reporting: "We're going to deal with truth on my program. We're going to catch the world in the headlights of my justice."

This show will be good. If it was on the same time as Cheaters I would probably watch it but switch back in time for the "confrontation" and "conclusion."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone else excited for this show. I heard it was called COlbert Report but pronounced like Rapport. THats funny right?

6:25 AM  
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