Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Teachers, and the teaching teacher things they do

Are you familiar with this look on professors' faces when they accidentally stumble across a controversial current events issue. It's like they want to editorialize, they give a sort of half-smile...pause...cringe...wipe sweat from brow and then move on. Once and awhile the pressure proves too much: "Oh fuck it...Bush is a pussy and his daughters are skanks...better."

Fear no longer teach. The secrets out. You're all a bunch of yella-belly liberals, and we know it because we have an academic study to prove it. From the Smith/George Mason/Toronto study:

72 percent of professors at American universities labeled themselves liberal, while just 15 percent said they are conservative. Among faculty members, 50 percent identified themselves as Democrats and only 11 percent as Republicans.

To the editorials. Paul Krugman says the types of conservatives fit to teach prefer private-sector moneymaking gigs over academia anyway, even in fields like engineering. Shorter Jonah Goldberg: "Liberals can't find jobs so they end up teaching." Conservagina Cal Thomas awkwardly identifies the problem with liberal values in the classroom by citing that 88% of professors want more environmental protection and 65% want the gov't to ensure full employment. Holy fucking shit ass crap and fuck...protecting the environment? Getting people jobs? Is Oral Roberts still accepting applications?

Some like the National Association of Scholars claim that the study is "the first time that a rigorous social-science study has brought forth strong evidence of discrimination against conservatives in academic hiring." Kind of, sort of, not really, WRONG, OK I am going to have to disagree.

Its not that our deans and presidents and other academic gatekeepers are rejecting conservatives at an unfair rate from a pool of equal number liberals, equal number conservatives. Rather, academics are changing their politics based on the effects of administration policy.

It has long been assumed that social science professors have always been bi-liberal curious, but what to make of "hard science" teachers crossing to the dark side. I offer one reason:not only has the administration censored and tampered with the findings of environmental scientists but in 2004, 60 of the nation's best scientists - among them 20 Nobel Laureates - sent Dubya some hate mail declaring he was distorting scientific data for political ends. So this is where the conservative science academics have gone. They have either become sick of the disinformation or admitted to what I have been saying all along (much to the chagrin of reason) that Darwin is a bitch and I didn't come from no motherfucking monkey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jonah goldberg isn't even a good writer. that article is flat out poorly written. it is hard to believe that goldberg could be the editor at large of NRO.

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