Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Tribute to the Gentlemen of White Hip-Hop (Part I)

RA the Rugged Man (website)

OK...the dude in the picture who looks like a rabbi after a four-day crystal meth retreat may be the greatest white rapper...ever (no disrespect Kain). The reason why you may have never heard of him: he is the single craziest motherfucker in hip-hop right now, hands down (RIP ODB).

Here's a possible explanation. RA's father was a Vietnam Vet. While overseas he drank way too much Agent Orange and is now completely messed up. When he got back from vacation in Saigon, he had three kids. One is a blind girl, one is a crippled boy and the other is RA. RA's disability is that he is insane - an ailment that benefits his music but keeps him from getting a deal.

Proof of RA's crazy skills on the mic are evidenced by the strange attention he gets from the industry. When he was 18 people knew he was the truth. Russell Simmons won't speak to RA to this day because he wouldn't sign to DefJam. Before Neptunes were getting girls naked, they were sweating RA to be their first major artist. Biggie knew RA was the shit but couldn't believe that the dude's mouth was so foul. The two friends made one cut together - I used to rock this wax on my Fisher-Price back in the day - its titled "Cunt Renaissance." For RA's complete history peep his video "Lessons."

In '93 Jive Records thought they could handle RA. They were wrong. He would just show up, collect 10g for a record, spend it, and show up two months later to do it again. But at Jive things got criminal. By the time he left, four female Jive employees had filed sexual harrassment charges against the MC. Jive's up-and-cummer wasn't even allowed in the building. Word is he used to roam the hallways with his dick out and swing it at unsuspecting interns. Oh yeah, he also took a shit on one A&R's desk and took a dump in another's filing cabinet. RA recounts being the Quasimoto of Jive when they used to keep star-artist Aaliyah and him in seperate rooms from fear he would touch her: "They say he's a beast, he's a creature/ Keep him in the other room, don't let him see Aaliyah."

The last straw for RA at Jive came during a Jive showcase in NYC. Flex was DJing, Tribe was hosting, and RA was the feature. Out walks RA with a legion of prostitutes. They are tied up and whipped S&M style for a few minutes before RA urinates on them and the crowd in a fit a maniacal laughter. A 500 person riot breaks out and a Jive executive frowns.

Jive gave him the boot and for ten years RA wandered the streets, slept on stoops and tricked prostitutes into sleeping on stoops with him. Byron Crawford (formerly of Rawkus) notes an incident with the Rugged One here. After the Jive show, RA couldn't even tour in the US for five years, but I heard he was also banned in Germany. From RA's mouth: while in Germany he had larangitis and didn't want to rap. The easiest way to not rap and still get paid was to do one song and then start a fight with an audience member. RA's last show in Munich had him hurling a trash can at an unsuspecting kind.

But now RA is back with a new album and a possible movie called "Landlord Stretcher." Check out the film if you would. Notice the clip from the RA show where dude leaves the stage for the crowd and people are legitimately scared, creating a huge ring around the deranged artist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never heard of RA but he sounds crazy and then I downloaded a song called "chains" and he is actually a very good mc

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