Thursday, April 14, 2005

Journalists: No More Sleeping on the Couch

I don't think much has been said about this Nicholas Kristof editorial in the NYT that ran this week:

In our society, public support for the news media has all but evaporated

St. Nicholas brings some heady research to the forefront citing a chapter from PEW's new book in which the organization found that "45 percent of Americans believe little or nothing in their daily newspapers."

A little disheartening for an aspiring journalist. I bet more people believe their psychic than a Columbia J-School educated stud at the NYT. Kristof writes "I don't see any easy solutions," and then offers up some half-ass attempts like calling on papers to print more corrections. When was the last time you read the corrections section?

The only reasons Krisof cites for the media and public not getting along lately are the possible jailings of Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper. Oh but the rabbit hole goes so much deeper. Kristof writes that the media is out of touch with the public, and he certainly proves it.

How about Dan Rather? America's leading critical TV anchor got smeared all over the media, a kick in the nuts to that news forum. How about Armstrong Williams? My psychic told me he was lying. How about Gannon/Guckertgate? During that C-Span forum this guy said he had no problem relaying unfiltered information straight from the administration's talk-hole to the public.

This nascent journalist/blogger/I need to go to class right now offers some real solutions. Does anyone remember the Fairness Doctrine? That's right, before 1985 news had to be balanced by law. Its repeal under Reagan gave metaphoric birth to people like Rush Limbaugh. Bring that thing back and watch the Limbaugh/FrankenFactor. John Kerry's got a good solution, put restrictions on video news releases. That miracle drug, that safe car, that cool candidate, most of these news clips come from companies and parties, not journalists. Lastly, we need to promote the good work that journalists do, not the ones who whore themselves out as fake-ass military anal sluts. Give more awards to muckrakers like Sy Hersch and people like Dexter Filkins who put their ass in front of bullets to bring you news from Iraq you ungrateful bastard.

If professional news becomes a thing of the past then bloggers will certainly rule in which I will dominate with an iron-fist as Viceroy of Commerce, I like the sound of that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like journalism too and this trend seems a little bit sad. I think people prefer blogs because they don't challenge their worldviews and they come from everyday people, not professional in offices.

8:11 AM  

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