Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New-er-er Ways to Make Love to Your I-Pod (and not feel guilty after)

So I beckoned Columbia's own Sloan to check out the newest trend in the newest trendiest gadget; something called Podcasting:

The four minute video gave me everything I needed in order to PODCAST. It is really a novel idea. Downloading and setting up the program was easy and time efficient. The program is designed well and without much difficulty, you can have your own radio “tivo”. The only troubling part is finding the right program. The Poddcaster comes with a long list of shows, but it is up to the user to find one that he likes. The selection of shows is not limited to music, in fact the bulk of what I found was talk. If you have a website that you like, you can easily add it to the list. Overall, I give the program a strong endorsement in terms of usability, but it is in the hands of the user to find a show they like. Here are some sites with streaming shows…iPodder.org, podcastalley.com or podcast.net. As for Podcasting as an alternative to radio and maybe even satellite radio, it would really rely on the accessibility and availiablity of quality content. It is more convenient than radio in that you can listen to a select program whenever you like rather than when it is scheduled. As well, you can program your computer to record a show whenever it is on. Does anyone find this interesting or should I shut the fuck up right now?!?


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no your right... nobody cares

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