Friday, April 15, 2005

Artistic Intervention

Nothing too heady to report on today. Its Friday and my cabeza is bruised. I'm at work sending off dispatches - minimizing the screen everytime I think someone is about to walk in the room. Peep this piece of poppy kitsch via the Chronicle of Higher Education:

"He decided to educate his peers about the dangers of partying too hard. So Mr. Bradley, an art student, came up with Homie - an advice-seeking house with giant eyes and moving lips projected from inside onto the windows and front door."

Thank you Mr. Bradley. What this is, is a student at University of Michigan who lives in an area frequented by drunk co-eds, who wants to provide a safe and wierd forum to dispense alchohol safety information. Next time I am stumbling home wasted and alone I will be sure to stop by and recap my night's adventures with a talking house. Sample questions for the house (who is cleverly named "Homie"):

Q: My fraternity brothers made me funnel a box of Franzia, am I drunk?
Homie the House: Oh whats up man. How many fingers am I holding up. Zero, ha, its a trick, I am a talking house.

Q: Someone put a roofie in my drink, but I knew it and drank it anyway so I could get extra fucked up. What's your name?
H: My name's Homie girl. I would hit on you a little more but I am not sure if I am a boy or a girl.

Q: I am starting to forget large periods of time when I drink, is this dangerous?
H: Not really my man. Do you like Texas Hold 'Em? I know a place. $20 buy-in, no-limit, you game?
Q: Sure talking house. You need a ride?

In this blogger's humble opinion there is really only one way to get alchohol education in school. Drink until it hurts and then drunk dial your mom, she'll tell you all about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously hilarious. anyone taking bets on how long that house will be left standing when drunk meatheads get through with it. "Are you talking to me house?"

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post the link, this type of post demands a photo or some extra informaiton.

3:27 PM  

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